Our team of MIT-trained scientists use ab initio mathematics and physics principles to overcome ¬†challenges in drug design and delivery. Our technology is supported by various organizations including NASA, the Veteran’s Association and Brigham and Women’s Hospital

We Use Math and Physics Principles to Engineer Medical Technology

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    Knot Theory

    enables the development of our proprietary algorithms for protein structure generation and drug design

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    Fluid Physics

    drives our transdermal delivery device for painless and effective delivery of large molecules into skin


We have overcome a major hurdle in drug design: lack of crystal structure of the target. Our innovative approach uses mathematics and machine learning to predict protein structure of uncrystallized targets and design peptide agonists.Our flagship drug, NP-6A selectively activates the Angiotensin II Type 2 Receptor (AT2R) and has been validated across several different in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo models for cardiomyopathy.

“…these receptors [GPCRs] are the targets for drugs accounting for more than half of all prescription drug sales in the world”
-Dr. Robert Lefkowitz, 2012 Nobel Lecture


Droplette is our patent-pending transdermal delivery system for delivery of drugs up to 60% larger than current treatments deep into skin over large surface areas. Our unique device is painless, contact free, portable, generates no disposables, and was designed with clinician input.

This Device is Designed to Get Under Your Skin

-Boston Globe


Our partners and academic collaborators have funded us, and helped us test and optimize our technology. They continue to be our advisors and partners for our planned studies.



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